Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm a writing!

My wife and I have been sick for the last week and I decided a couple months ago i was going to become a published author.  So I started.  I have three or four really good ideas that I'm pursuing.  I have started with the rough rough rough draft of my first trilogy.  I'll be calling it the C.C. book for now.  I'll tell you more later.  

The maze runner.

This book is amazing.  I read this book the first week it came out.  I can't rave about it enough.  The ending blew my mind.  This book is one of my favorite books i've read this year.  I think James dashner is an amazing author.  


I rented this movie with my wife.  I thought it was a big dumb movie.  Overall it was ok. the stupidest part is the role of dead pool.  He is a stupid character, and doesn't match up with the comic dead pool.  That is the biggest part that I hated.  

Heroscape of Awesome

So it's been a while we played heroscape last month and played three games.  Kyle won the first one of three hundred points. Tanya won the second of another three hundred points and Mikey won the last one.  Play of the game went to the stupid death walker that just explodes and doesn't do anything else.  It killed all of  Mr. Zeus's stuff I believe.  Overall pretty fun the second game was one where we picked all crappy people where we never use them.  That's heroscape of awesome.