Friday, August 20, 2010

Something amazing for an amazing price.

You are given something amazing, but in exchange you give either your dreams from ages 4-9, your aspirations in life, or the color of your hair. What is it you are given and who gives it to you?

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  1. Tossing and turning in my sleep, I felt sticky with sweat. I kicked the blankets from around my legs, frustrated with the heat and with my brain both equal culprits in keeping me awake. Such a pathetic crime to be bothered by such mundane things.
    I sat up, got out of bed, walked up to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of milk. Maybe the magnesium in the milk would help calm my nerves. The heat was cloying still but at least I would get rid of one of the criminals.
    “You want to sleep?” I nearly dropped the glass of milk as it was almost to my lips.
    I looked around, puzzled, my heart beating wildly. “Yeah. It’s 3 AM and I need some sleep,” I ventured.
    A tiny tinkling laugh came from the darkness of my house. I wanted to turn on the lights to see the owner of the voice but I was too far from the switch and I dared not move. Silently berating myself for not turning on the lights, I just held on to my glass of milk like it was a lifeline.
    “Sleep. Such an amazing gift on a night like this. I can give you sleep.” The voice was neither female nor male. It could have belonged to my mom or my neighbor Ben.
    “I’m sure I’ll be fine.” My stomach was churning and I felt myself drifting further and further away from sleep. This was too long a night and my eyes were weary but my mind and body were alert as ever.
    That same tinkling laugh passed into the dark house again. Why was I not more nervous that there was an intruder in my house? I wished I had a bat. I wished I played baseball so I’d have a bat on hand for such a time as this. What good would a glass of milk do against whoever this was?
    “All you need to give me in exchange for sleep is either your dreams from your childhood, your aspirations in life, or the color of your hair.” Such a conniving little voice. I squinted to try and make out the shape of its owner to no avail.
    “I think I’d rather be an insomniac thank you very much.”
    “Suit yourself.”
    Silence. I knew I was alone. I turned on the lights and confirmed my feelings. Whatever it was that had come in the night was now gone. I drank my glass of milk and crawled back into bed. I’d like to say that I went right back to sleep but I didn’t. No, I actually stayed awake for another hour and then finally forced sleep to come. I guess a little sleep is better than the alternative.