Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sweet Shirt

My good friend T. Wolf Davis, has designed a shirt for an online shirt company. is the web site the shirt will be for sale for 24 hours on the 16th of november. That is this coming monday. He sent me some pictures of the shirt and here they are. So support local artists. and get some of his shirts.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Record!

My brothers in law, Colton and Justin, are some of the coolest dedicated guys around. They went down to the Salt flats this last September and set the land speed record for the 36 HP engine. The people in this picture are ( from right to left) Chip( who donated his car and made this all happen.) Justin (who had the idea for the engine), Colton ( who did the website, and helped with engine), and Dan who helped with everything. They are planning on going to compete in two years with another car. Good Luck guys.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm a writing!

My wife and I have been sick for the last week and I decided a couple months ago i was going to become a published author.  So I started.  I have three or four really good ideas that I'm pursuing.  I have started with the rough rough rough draft of my first trilogy.  I'll be calling it the C.C. book for now.  I'll tell you more later.  

The maze runner.

This book is amazing.  I read this book the first week it came out.  I can't rave about it enough.  The ending blew my mind.  This book is one of my favorite books i've read this year.  I think James dashner is an amazing author.  


I rented this movie with my wife.  I thought it was a big dumb movie.  Overall it was ok. the stupidest part is the role of dead pool.  He is a stupid character, and doesn't match up with the comic dead pool.  That is the biggest part that I hated.  

Heroscape of Awesome

So it's been a while we played heroscape last month and played three games.  Kyle won the first one of three hundred points. Tanya won the second of another three hundred points and Mikey won the last one.  Play of the game went to the stupid death walker that just explodes and doesn't do anything else.  It killed all of  Mr. Zeus's stuff I believe.  Overall pretty fun the second game was one where we picked all crappy people where we never use them.  That's heroscape of awesome.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Transformers 2 revenge of the inconsistent idiots

I went to see transformers 2 with my brother in-laws and father in-law yesterday night. I have seen this movie once before with my good friends Mr. Zues and Captain pharmacy. To me this is an ok movie, I have enough issues with it that I can't look past them. First and foremost is the stupid hot girl robot. There was never any of these kinds of robots in any type of transformers. Second, barricade ( the mustang from the first movie that you never see die) never showed up in the movie. Third, the transformer jolt, you see a total of two times in the whole movie, you would think if the autobots are in war you would want any and all in the battle. Fourth, about eighty percent of the human scenes are them running away from stuff, or talking about love, or useless crap. Fifth, and the most irritating to me, devastator a robot built up of six other robots. in the final battle you see three of the six that should be part of devastator in the battle! Michael Bay needs to look at consistency and adding less explosions. I could go on and on but really i've wasted too much breath on this.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief

So my beautiful wife and I went to see Harry Potter and the half Blood Prince, which in my opinion was pretty good. There were some things that were left out but I believe that it will be covered in the next movies. Also movies are one of the the things I really geek about, i love seeing previews of really good movies. The most exciting part of the movie for me was seeing the Percy Jackson and the Olympians preview. The lightning thief will be coming out in February of next year. If you are unfamiliar with this book series it is sweet I really can't go into detail about it but if done good this will be a really awesome movie. Long of the short you should see this preview, and plan on seeing this movie when it comes out.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

HEROSCAPE July 18, 2009

On this night there were two games of Heroscape that went down, the participants in the first were: Matt, Dan, myself, Geoff, Tre, and Rex Zeus. The game ended by Mr. Zeus winning, but the play of the game was done by myself were my Omnicrom snipers took out Dr. Doom. over all the game was pretty sweet. Game two, participants were: Geoff, Tre, Matt, myself, and Mr. Zeus. This games move was the dragon Zelrig was killed by leaving engagements, and Matt won. Some of the greatest moments of the night were 18 wheels on a big rig, Yeah Toast!, and Mrs. Zeus busting her groove thing. Quote of the night given by my good friend Geoff about the new GI Joe movie: If lame was the new cool than it would look awesome." That it for me for today. Till next time, nerd on and geek away.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Geeks of the world unite!

Hello geeks of the world. my name is Paul and I live in Utah. I have a variety of hobbies and various nerd related tendencies, such as Heroscape, and warhammer. These are the two most prevalent geeky things in my life and because of that I will be writing mostly about those and other geeky things like movies and things that make me mad, such as stupid drivers, songs that get played too much on the radio, and stupid people in general. Anyway for those who like this thanks for those who don't I really don't care. Have a great day.