Saturday, September 26, 2009

Transformers 2 revenge of the inconsistent idiots

I went to see transformers 2 with my brother in-laws and father in-law yesterday night. I have seen this movie once before with my good friends Mr. Zues and Captain pharmacy. To me this is an ok movie, I have enough issues with it that I can't look past them. First and foremost is the stupid hot girl robot. There was never any of these kinds of robots in any type of transformers. Second, barricade ( the mustang from the first movie that you never see die) never showed up in the movie. Third, the transformer jolt, you see a total of two times in the whole movie, you would think if the autobots are in war you would want any and all in the battle. Fourth, about eighty percent of the human scenes are them running away from stuff, or talking about love, or useless crap. Fifth, and the most irritating to me, devastator a robot built up of six other robots. in the final battle you see three of the six that should be part of devastator in the battle! Michael Bay needs to look at consistency and adding less explosions. I could go on and on but really i've wasted too much breath on this.

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