Sunday, October 3, 2010


Write about a werewolf god, and where werewolves come from. Please make them scary and not glittery.

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  1. When the world was new and nature ran wild along its surface, creatures of both light and dark came into being. The gods looked upon the world with delight. Diana, the goddess of the moon, was especially proud of her night creatures. They lurked in the shadows by day but basked in her silver beams once the sun went down. Her pale open face would look down with gladness upon the creatures she adored.
    She loved them so much she longed to be with them. So she decided she would do just that. She appeared on the soft earth, silvery moonbeams made up the silky folds of her gown, the black of the night rested in the long tresses of her hair that fell over porcelain skin.
    A creature of the dark, the wolf, was her favorite. She ran with the wolves all night. She flew with the owls and the bats. Her visit to the world below was exhilarating.
    She then saw something she had not seen so closely before. A man. He was a hunter, roaming the woods late at night because he had gotten lost in the mountains. Little did he know the deity that gazed upon him. He was strong and tall with long dark hair and a beard, eyes the color of the sky at dawn.
    The goddess yearned for the man and, being deity, she knew she could have him. So she approached him in her full glory. Sparkling beams of silver radiated from her as she came to him. The man was astonished at her beauty and they became fast friends. As he showed her the beauty of the forests they soon fell in love. Diana was one of the fairest goddesses and so it was no surprise to her that a mere mortal would fall for her so quickly.
    She had to leave, though. As her parting gift to the man she loved she endowed him with the power of the wolf because they were her favorite creatures. When the moon was the fullest the man would become a wolf and in this way show his love and adoration for her.